Easter is quickly approaching.. so it was time to create the centerpiece for my family luncheon!

I saw this cute Easter Tree available at Pottery Barn Kids and decided I would try to create my own version on a slightly tighter budget!

I purchased lighted white Willow branches at my local Ben Franklin store on sale. (You can also find them for sale online as well.)

Take the three branches and tape them together with white floral tape. Bend the ends up at the bottom to make the them stand. Bend out the tops of the branches to make it look like a tree.  Simple as that!
Now comes the fun part.. decorating!  I used a sheet of fake moss and cut to the center to wrap around the base of the tree and hide the wires.
I bought a strand of fake ivy, cut it and wound pieces around the branches.
Added butterflies and Easter Eggs to complete it.. and Voila! The perfect Easter centerpiece.
The great thing about this tree is it can be decorated for almost any occasion! I plan on using it for my daughter’s garden party this summer as well but it could work at Halloween, Christmas, and even Valentine’s day! Just decorate accordingly.

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