My sons preschool party for Valentine’s Day is today so I thought I would show you what we did for his Valentine’s.  Just one way you can use the Free Valentine’s Printables.  I added photos of my little man into the mix as well so all his little friends would know who they were from!

1. Take your printables printed on white cardstock and cut in half.  2. Using a 2″ scallop (or circle) punch, center and punch each design. 3. Using a small hole punch, punch a hole centered above and below the design.  4. Slide your sucker or lollipop through holes. And Voila!  Cute unique Valentine’s!
My friend “J” is having a tinkerbelle theme party for her daughter’s fourth birthday and asked me to design an invitation for her. I thought I would take the oppurtunity to create this inspiration board all for Tink as well.

First row: Tinkerbelle wings and tutu by ToggleGirl, Marshmallow Pops and Toadstool Centerpiece from Blog Niako, Cupcakes from Cupcakes By Design.

Second row: Pom Box Toppers by Pom Tree, Glitter Candied Apples by Mel’s Munchies, Pink and Green Party Poms by Party Poms.

Third row:  Garden Fairy Banner by Itsy Belle, Vinyl Wall Decal by It’s Written On The Wall, Candy Fairy Wands from Blog Niako, Garden Fairy Labels by Itsy Belle.

I have been designing, printing, staging and photographing all week! I am so excited to finally be able to give you another little sneak peek.  Hoping to be ready for our big Grand Opening and giveaway by the end of this month!  So stay tuned for your chance to win one of our complete printable party packages!

I couldn’t wait to share this very special birthday with you!  My best friend Angela created an Alice in Wonderland party for her daughter Adalie’s first birthday and I was fortunate enough to be able to help!

I was inspired to create this whimsical invitation inspired by the Mad Hatter tea party, complete with Alice herself curtsying while balanced on a top hat, stacked on a tea pot.
Angela hosted both a tea room and a Queen of Hearts themed room.  I created these custom cupcake toppers complete with tea party and Queen of Hearts themed designs.
These small topiarys in colorful pots purchased on ebay were perfect! Small decorative rose embellishments from the local craft store were stuck on for the Queen of Hearts theme.
Painting the Roses Red… the Queen of heart room was adorned with beautiful red roses and punch. The walls were decorated with playing cards created using felt.
In the Tea Party room guests wore paper top hats created using card stock to enjoy their Mad Tea. Colorful flowers and mix and match tea cups added whimsy.
DIY tips:  To create these paper top hats two circles where cut, one 2 inches larger that the other, for the top and bottom of the hat. Next card stock was cut into a strip long enough to wrap around the small circle and at the desired height. The strip was then stapled into a cylinder. The circles where then glued on top and bottom of the paper cylinder. Holes were punched and elastic cord tied through to hold the hats on… and Voila! Party perfect Mad Hatter top hats!

Angela served colorful tea party perfect sandwiches, including delicious cucumber sandwiches! She was kind enough to share this simple recipe with us.

Adalie’s highchair was decorated for the big cake smash! Angela purchased coordinating scrapbook papers, cutting pendants and attaching with ribbon to create this fun banner.

Last but not least… The beautiful birthday girl wore an embroidered party dress by Princess Linens purchased through Zulily.

Saving tip: Zulily’s website offers daily deals on posh items for babies and kids up to 90% off  their retail prices.

Hope you enjoy this colorful celebration! Happy birthday Adalie!

~Happy planning!

The Mustache Bash! I absolutely love that this theme is becoming so popular. Weddings, First birthdays, Bachelor Parties, Bah Mitzvah… the mustache is taking over! Provide the cheesy fake ‘staches and a camera and let the fun begin!

 I’ve been working on a line of Mustachioed party printables for my shop which got me thinking of what else would be needed to make one of these events complete. I turned to my Etsy hand made community for some unique finds for either a little man’s birthday or a grown up soiree!

1. Mustache glasses by BreadandBadger  2. Plastic Mustache Photo Props by WhiskerWorks 3. Mustache Wine Charm by HattieRexy 4. Mustache Vinyl Wall Decal by WillowCreekSigns 5. Cupcake toppers by DeathByCupcake  6. Mustache Cookies by WhippedBakeShop  7. Mustache Crayons by JugieBeeCrayons
8. Mustache Napkins by ParrishHW  9. Mustache Lollipops by AmpersandIdeas

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of our new collections leading up to our grand opening giveaways!

I spent part of my day organizing our desk today, mostly because my husband forced me to! And partially because it was long over due. What’s the point in having a desk if it isn’t functional? So I am on the search for stylish ways to get organized. I would love to go out and buy all kinds of colorful organizers and create the desk of my dreams, but who has the money for that?!   Luckily there are plenty of ways to have style on a budget.

I love the idea of finding items you already have and creating a new purpose for them. Reduce, ReUse, Recycle…Not only good for the enviroment but good for your budget as well! So I was thrilled when I stumbled upon these ideas about repurposing from BH&G. These egg cups and soup cans are given new life as desk organizers. Stylish small serving dishes are already pretty and the soup cans simply need your choice of favorite scrapbook paper, scissors and glue. You should take a look in your cabinets and see if you can’t find a hidden treasure!

One thing that drives me crazy about my desk is all the cords going everywhere. Phone chargers, Camera Chargers, Laptop cords… I love the idea of this stylish DIY charging station for all our electronics from Martha Stewart. They give you step-by-step instructions on creating one for your desk and you could easily pick up a box on sale or use one you already have and make it over with colorful paper.

I love this adorable business card holder I discovered on sale now by ArtIsEverything. Colorful and unique, it would brighten up any desk and keep your business cards always handy.

Last but not least, if you are a office supply junkie like me, you’ll love these creative paper clips by BarrelOfMonkey. They have all kinds to choose from, and even make pushpins.

Now to actually put these ideas to good use and get organized!

Happy planning!

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and even though I am not hosting a party, my sons preschool is certainly having one!  Of course, as a good mommy I plan on contributing a little something. So I set out for inspiration on what to bake and found no shortage of it! Here are a few favorites:


The Dream Cake:  If you happen to be in charge of a bigger Valentine’s event and have lots of time to invest, I absolutely love this wedding cake from Flowers, Hugs and kisses.. and of course, it’s all about love! What says Valentine’s Day more than that!?

DIY tip: Not a cake expert? Visit Cake Central for everything you ever wanted to learn about cake decorating!

Sweet and Simple:  If you are like me and have a smaller event in mind, I found these delicious and adorable looking cupcakes from the Confessions of a Bakeaholic. Cupcakes are quick and easily served when you have 8 little preschoolers bouncing off the walls! And she has even listed a version of the recipe using a cake mix to cut down on time – great for us busy moms!

Cute Cookies:  If Red Velvet is your flavor, and a big elaborate cake is out of the questions, these cookies from Sand & Sisal look both adorable and delicious! And who doesn’t love sprinkles? See the step by step instructions and they are sure to be a big hit on the dessert table!

Finally i will leave you with this peak at the dessert table I created for our Valentine’s Spa Party!

I have to admit when my son informed me that he wanted a super hero themed 4th birthday party, I was less than excited at first. Images of the same old commercialized Spider Man party plates, bags and decor filled my head. Instead of panicking, I turned to Etsy! The many adorable designs I found inspired me to design my own version of the popular super heros to give his party that special touch!

For the invitations I illustrated these cute cartoon kids dressed as their favorite heros. Of course Jackson dressed as Spider Man took front and center with a J on the chest of his Spidy suit!  Add some fun fonts and colors.. and of course the adorable photo of the birthday boy and voila! The matching printable party circle was perfect to use as an envelope sealer and let the recipient know that this piece of mail held a little something special.
The party circles also served as favor tags for the goodie bags, cupcake toppers, and decorations!   Coordinating scrapbook paper created the flags and banners.
DIY: I printed the topper and favor designs on letter size paper, cut into columns, and punched using  2″ circle and 2″ scallop punches. Lollipop sticks complete the cupcake toppers. 
 For the flags I traced the triangles backed along a single line and cut using my Fiskar Paper Trimmer.  For the banner I simple taped the flags to ribbon. The flags, which double as favors for the kids and decoration, were made with bamboo skewers that I cut the sharp end off of. 
Affordable tip: to save money over a pricey cupcake stand that I would then have to store somewhere I purchased a disposable cupcake stand.

I wanted each child to have a chance to be a lil’ super hero, so in each goodie bag was their very own super hero mask. I created a paper template to trace onto various scrapbook papers. Cut out using scissors, punched holes and added elastic purchased in the jewelery section of my local craft store. The kids looked adorable!

Jackson wore his Spider Man Halloween costume which saved some money.  Little sister however had no such costume, and with no time and no money I had to get creative. Some left over red and white felt cut to shape served as her Super Anna cape! I quickly sewed on some ribbon to tie it on and the result was a fun inexpensive little cape to match her party dress that took less than 5 minutes to create.  I wish I had thought of this cute cape idea sooner and had made them for all the kids!
Altogether, this party on a budget was a huge success with all the kids going home sufficiently sugared up!
Happy Planning!

When it came time to planning my daughter Annabelle’s first birthday I knew it had to be as cute as she is! (Indulge a proud mom). She is so girly and sassy I knew she needed something with just a little spunk. So what could be more perfect than a lady bug that’s gone PINK! Just a little bored with the same old red and black, this little lady took it up a notch and added a little sass to a simple lady bug birthday theme.

I started by designing the Pink Love Bug invitation. If I was going to make the lady bug pink, why not make the dots white!  It wouldn’t be a Love Bug without hearts, and of course I had to add an adorable photo of the birthday girl!   (*The beautiful photo of Annabelle was taken by the incredibly talented Amber of

Affordable tip: If you are a Costco member their photo lab does a great job with photo cards – you can get 50 photo invitations for only $14.99 and the matching silver lined envelopes are included!

Instead of baking and decorating a huge 4 tier cake to serve all the guests I decided to scale down my cake plans and add cupcakes to make up the servings. I created matching pink lady bug cupcake toppers to tie it all together (the DIY printables are available in my shop). Next I went shopping for some scrapbook paper to create a banner for her highchair and created a custom birthday hat. Find the free template here!. I embellished the pink paper hat with feather trim and cardboard cutouts purchased at my local craft store.  The result was a perfectly spunky one-of-a-kind hat comparable to fabric ones sold in boutiques… but all for under $10!

Once upon a time I saw the cutest scalloped table cloth at a craft show. After searching relentlessly for one to match the party, I decided I had to create my own. Of course cost and sewing were obstacles. Accordingly, I created this magenta scalloped table topper using felt! At under $4 a yard, and no sewing required this darling touch added much bang for my buck.  I simply used a cake round (a small plate would work) to trace the scallops with sewing chalk, and then cut!

Of course, last but not least, the birthday girl herself had to match the theme! My mother-in-law, and awesome seamstress, Denice of Green Tulip made this adorable pillow case dress for Annabelle to wear on her big day.

(*You can find a step-by-step guide with photos to create your own pillow case dress by Susan Petersen for FreshlyPicked.)