{REAL PARTIES} Egg Dyeing Easter Party

Let’s face it – I have been loving me some pastels. I never thought I would be one to fall for the soft sweet hues, as I’ve spent my life collection jewel tones and carefully avoiding anything pastel… but it happened, and I’ve been using them for everything. It’s gotten to the point where I felt I was in need of a pastel intervention! So, to cure myself of this obsession with the soft hues (temporarily anyway), I took our Easter Party in a completely different direction! Bold, colorful, vibrant, richly dyed Easter eggs became the inspiration behind our Egg Dyeing Easter Party.

Each little guest had their own “nest” of eggs waiting for them to transform into little Easter masterpieces.
White Butcher paper purchased at the local craft store at only 70 cents a yard made a perfect table cover to protect the table and soak up any spilled dye.
A variety of stickers, glitter and glue dots were available to put the finishing touches on each egg.
Of course only now, as I am blogging this I notice my typo in one of the signs! The eggs are not DYING, they are being DYED. Color is being added to them – They are not on the point of Death!  (I’m DYING of laughter right now!) Aww… the difference a properly placed e can make in the English Language.
We finished our egg coloring with an Easter Egg Hunt.
My kids each have a special Easter Basket we had sewn and had their names embroidered on just for such occasions. (this way Mommy doesn’t need to buy a new basket every year!)
We celebrated the survival of another play date party with some sweets & treats!
(And laughter and coffee for the moms!)
As always, you can find the entire printable collection in our shop. Hope you guys are out there making some Easter memories with the little Egg Dyers in your lives.

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