{DIY} Snowmen Marshmallow Pops Tutorial

The Marshmallow Pirate Pops from my sons birthday post were so popular that I decided to make a holiday version of these cute little guys and create a tutorial so you can create your own little marshmallow men!
You will need: Marshmallows, Sugar, Red Candy Wafers/Melts, Wilton 6″ Lollipop Sticks,
 black and red sugar pens/food writers,Mini crock pot or microwave, pastry brush, small bowl,cupcake liners to hold sugar and sprinkles.
1. Heat candy wafers in mini crock pot stirring constantly until melted 
(or in microwave according to package instructions.)
2. Put one marshmallow onto Lollipop stick, and dip top into candy melts.
3. Use a fork to brush candy melt down on one side to create the snowman’s scarf.
4. Let candymelt dry on wax paper.
5. When dry, push down first marshmallow adding second marshmallow to top of stick.
6. Brush marshmallows with lightly water dampened pastry brush (be careful not to use much water!)
7. Roll in sugar leaving one spot of the top marshmallow bare for the face.
8. Use your sugar pens on the bare portion of the top marshmallow to draw on the snowmans face, buttons, etc.
Package or serve as desired!
You can use these tips to make Santa Clauses, SnowWomen (pink marshmallows!), and more! Add red sugar or sprinkles if desired! Have fun with it! Printable tags available in our shop!


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