Adoption Fundraising Thanksgiving Printables Set

When I sit down to Thanksgiving Dinner this year I know what I will Be Thankful for; I am thankful that I get the opportunity to do what I love (party designs) and mostly I am thankful for my family. I cannot imagine my life without my family!… can you? Can you imagine growing up with no parents?! This year, when I count my blessings I want to think of the less fortunate. What small thing could I do to help an orphan have a mom and dad?
The Weber Family 
I’ve been thinking a lot about it lately as my friends and neighbors Chris & Nicole Weber have hosted orphans in their home.  They are such an inspiration to me! With two sons already, they have opened up their lives to two orphans in need. They are bringing them into their family, giving them hope, changing their lives. They would love to be able to adopt these boys, and are raising money to do so. They need to raise 15,000 to 20,000 dollars. I know that by myself I cannot be of much help, I am a small mom run business – but with the help of my wonderful friends, customers and fans I think we could help! 
I designed this “Be Thankful” Printable Thanksgiving set for sale for only $10. I plan to donate ALL the profits from this set to God’s Waiting Children to help them with their adoptions.  If you’d like to get a cute set for your Thanksgiving Dinner and help children in need, you can purchase in our Etsy Shop!
If you’d like to learn more about his great family, see updates or simply like to donate visit
 Nicole’s Blog here: Mommy With Memories.

Wishing your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

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3 thoughts on “Adoption Fundraising Thanksgiving Printables Set”

  1. New blog follower! I’m also one of the vendors from the Magnolia Creative Giveaway. Stopping by to follow your blog & saw this sweet post! LOVE IT! We have just brought home our son through the miracle of adoption, so this post really touches my heart. I chronicle our journeys on my blog, so feel free to stop by & follow along!

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