{FREEBIES} Pun Intended Valentine’s Day Cards

I found these little faux mustaches to be given as Valentine’s in the Valentine’s Candy section in Target this week while I was shopping. When I saw the pink ones, they were just too cute to resist. So I decided to createsome Valentine’s to match that my son could give to his Kindergarten Classmates.

I designed the “I Mustache you to be my Valentine’s” cards so that the faux ‘staches would fit perfectly over the mustache design. So with or without the stickable mustaches the cards would be cute.
I simply print & cut the cards and placed a mustache for each child on their Valentine with double stick tape so they can peel it off and peel the sticker back off of the ‘stache and wear it! My son can sign his name on the backside of each and pass out at school.
 I created a boy version and a girl version (for the pink ‘staches).
I think they’re darling… I hope the kids enjoy them and aren’t too disappointed in not getting one more piece of candy. I think they’re cute with or without the fake ‘staches.


You can download all of our “Pun Intended” Printable Valentine’s Day Cards for free! I would love to see what cute & clever twist you can put on them.

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