DIY Party on a Budget – 15+ Ideas for Using Party Circles to Decorate Your Party

DIY Party on a Budget
Kids Birthday Party Ideas



In our shop you can download a sheet of our party circles including 4 designs within one theme for only $10! And if you are a DIY party planner on a tight budget there are so many ways you can use them to carry a theme throughout your event.

Mustache Bash Party Circles

Decorate Candy Jars

Embellish Drink Bottles

Create Centers to Paper Fans

Make Envelope Sealing Stickers for your Invitations

Embellish Treat Cups

Decorate Mini Dessert Stands

Create Silverware Wraps

Create Towel Wraps for a Spa, Pool or Beach Party

Embellish Centerpieces

Decorate Party Hats

Create a Gift or Favor Tag

Make Wine Glass Charms

Use as Sticker Labels on Favors

Create Cute Cupcake Toppers

Make Pretty Place Settings

AND I don’t have an image but you could also use party circles to create a banner, cake bunting, garland, oversized confetti, and more! Your imagination is the limit!

What creative way have you used party circles? Comment below with your ideas!

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