Mother’s Day Keepsake Interview – FREE PRINTABLE

My Mom kid interview Printable

Just in time for Mother’s Day… Kid’s say the darndest things! And now you can record what your kid’s have to say about you (and Grandma!) with these sweet “My Mom” & “My Grandma” free printable keepsake interviews.

Mother's Day keepsake

I pulled out my watercolors to create a pretty hand-lettered floral design you won’t mind holding onto. But what will really make you cherish this will be your child’s answers to questions like “If I could give my mom anything, it would be..” Their answers are sure to make you laugh or cry (or both!).

Watercolor Mother's Day Gift

There this a “by” space below the header for your kids to sign their name and age if their old enough. If your little one is still too tiny to talk, it would be sweet for Daddy to fill this out from baby.

I framed my interview with my daughter, and I plan to have it out at Mother’s Day brunch this year so that everyone can enjoy her answers. Afterward I will probably slip it into a scrapbook so I can look back and laugh years from now. My favorite answer was her response to “I know my mom loves me because” when she said, “She plays Barbies with me.” She must know that Barbies aren’t my thing, but I play anyways because I do indeed love her that much!

free Mother's Day Printable

Moms.. don’t worry we have you covered for Grandma too!  Simply print, fill out and frame for a sweet gift for Grandma that she will cherish for years. One less gift to worry about this Mother’s Day!

Printable Kid Interview

You can download the printable “My Mom” interview here, and the printable “My Grandma” interview here on our original post.

And don’t forget to share!!  Share these freebies with your Mom friends and comment below and let me know the funniest or sweetest answer to a question by your kiddo for us all to enjoy!

Happy Mother’s Day ladies!

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